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Beauty & Health Care Project

As a professional company that supports regional revitalization with a commitment to food

Why don't you sell beauty and health food seriously?

[NMN PIATTO] is our original product

It is popular as a beauty ingredient, and as an anti-aging ingredient.

NMN whose name spreads. We are particular about raw materials

We sell it as a type of product that has never existed before.



Market Development Project

In line with our own product sales channels, we

I am acting as an agent. Domestic business is mainly BtoE (Employee).

We sell products for companies as a company sales proposal.

Overseas, sales channels are mainly in Asia.

Korea, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam

It is possible to propose products to Jakarta and Taiwan.

It is sold by a safe method called domestic transaction Japan delivery advance payment.


Creative Project

We are involved in the production of tools necessary for selling products.

We offer simple and minimal items at a bargain price because we are involved in production as a sales tool necessary to develop sales channels at our company.

*When using the Market Development Project, please use the minimum required sales tools.

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