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NMN PIATTO is our original product.

If a professional food connoisseur seriously plans and develops beauty supplements...

This product, which is particular about quality and raw materials, is not limited to Japan.

​It is widely deployed overseas.


What is NMN?


I felt the possibility, so I was particular about quality.




Cultivated by WORLD RESULT

I put all my experience and resources into

It will be a project model business.

The story behind the birth of NMN PIATTO


Up until now, our company has set a goal of “creating a business that provides vitality to the region” with a focus on regional revitalization.

From the strength of [dedication and sales to food] that we have as the original root resource, and from providing a lot of know-how

​We are reborn as a resource that will be our own experience value and support local manufacturers.

Accumulation of in-house experience

So far, we have acquired the following experience values as our company's achievements, mainly in the food industry.

I have it as a resource.

●Production business planning, sales channel development, and branding for agricultural corporations

● Branding, product development, and design support for confectionery manufacturing corporations

●Sales and sales promotion planning support for local small and medium-sized enterprises through their own sales channels

●As an in-house trading company function, we provide product wholesale and support from orders to delivery by our own delivery service.

Support for event activities of local support groups, on-site sales demonstration activities, face-to-face sales support

​● Providing overseas sales channels for export trade companies, recommending export products, and supporting local retail store attraction

​Recommendation and support for products in which the company is confident

Up until now, our strengths have been the experience and sensibilities we have acquired over many years, as well as our ability to ascertain the quality we have cultivated for local foods.

We have been quick to find and sell many hit products. Then, we use our accumulated experience to provide production manufacturers with practical support in [sales agency], [market development], [sales promotion support], [overseas export support], [overseas market development support], and [overseas sales]. One of the reasons why our company has such a high degree of accuracy is that we have supported product distribution channels through a one-stop service.

If a local food support professional
What if you developed a supplement?

A discerning eye that does not destroy trust in food

Our goal is to expand the local food market and spread it to the world.

In order to aim for this purpose, find good products (safe, secure, price quality), create and disseminate information.

​For that reason, even in supplements, we have developed it based on absolute connoisseurs so as not to destroy the trust we have had so far.

​Entering a different industry leads to new possibilities for local foods

Local food with good ingredients, good quality and delicious things.

However, in distribution, the price is higher and the demand is low. Because the needs are more for the price than for the quality

Many of the local manufacturers that we support have great taste and quality, but we cannot help but find similar products.

It can be said that the problem is that there are many cases where the price does not match. High costs due to production volume, machines used for production, and manual labor

​ Due to these factors, urban retail stores, including the metropolitan area, cannot handle it.

A foothold in the health and beauty industry that seeks quality over price

Supplement development is based on the desire to expand sales of such local foods through our own route.

Our company took the lead in releasing the original supplement [NMN PIATTO]. the success of this sale

Eventually, we hope to introduce it to our customers as a route to excellent local food sales.

Creation of a business that bears the trust and trust of the past

Among our clients areAs a company that promotes local foods,

Some producers do not welcome the entry into the business of this supplement. Therefore, as our company

Based on the principle of "recommending and providing excellent food", we do not provide products that we do not have confidence in, even if they are supplements.

​ This is the only promise we can make to producers who agree with us.

To NMN PIATTO development

​ NMN development once declined from our policy

The first knowledge about NMN came from a “trial sample” provided by a close manager around 2021.

Received a free sample with 6 grains in 1 sheet, and from the explanation and contents of NMN

At first, I refused, saying, ``Even if NMN is a processed food company, we are a company that recommends and supports the sale of local foods, so we have no intention of promoting it as a business.'' .

​ Triggered by taking the test sample without permission

I took one sheet home and explained it to my wife, who seemed to be interested. From the next day, I will keep the samples at home and go on a business trip to visit a beauty exhibition in Osaka. On the morning of the fourth day after the three-day exhibition, my wife contacted me. This triggered the development of NMN, and we conducted sampling in-house to investigate the response.

Started an independent investigation to see if it is effective

As introduced in the previous section, our company has the mission of "distinguish and spread local foods with absolute trust and confidence."

I would like to consider entering the market if the doubts are resolved and there is certainty. We are promoting our business with this stance.

For this reason, we do not deal with products that we cannot confirm or convince ourselves of, because we lose credibility in our core business.

​We did what was necessary for that purpose, and decided to commercialize products that we could recommend with confidence.

​ That method is to collect your own consumer opinions through sample sampling.

According to the survey results, those with high evaluations felt nothing. Some people say

From our sampling results, those who usually care about their skin, those who feel that their skin is weak, etc.

For those who are always concerned about the condition of their skin, they will feel if there is a change. That's what I got from the hearing.

What changes does NMN actually bring? For more information, please refer to it if you search for "NMN" from various search engines and refer to it rather than our company's explanation.

Released from 2022/9/1

This product, named NMN PIATTO, will be available for sale to the general public from September 1st.

From on-air on TV

Thank you for your inquiry

​Sold more than 500

The reaction has been great and we have received favorable comments from users.

This product, named NMN PIATTO, will be available for sale to the general public from September 1st.

Thank you ​ for the media coverage.


For overseas celebrities

Selected as a sponsor of Hong Kong's luxury tennis club "CRC" from October.

Purchased by tournament finalists and users.

In November, we received inquiries from Macau, Singapore, etc.

​There are many NMN products made overseas, but they were selected through a strict selection process.

NMN 香港1.jpg
NMN 香港.jpg

PIATTO's name is

PIATTO means "flat" in Italian. I originally had a different name.

​The shape must be flat. I adopted the name of cuteness called Piatto and named it.


If you are concerned about quality, ingredients, health, etc. when starting a beauty and health business as a supplement,

We hope that you will be interested in local foods. We support foods produced by local producers nationwide, mainly in Akita and Nagano prefectures, and the prices may be higher than the products of major companies.

There are still many foods in Japan that are carefully selected, including added value such as ingredients, history, and tradition.

​If you are interested in our NMN PIATTO, we hope that you will also pay attention to local foods.

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