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Practical consulting company

We are involved in domestic and foreign retail industry

We are building connections from Japan to the world.

[Are you satisfied with your current business field? ]


For local SMEs with the keyword

​Easier and safer overseas expansion

We support you.

What is practical type?

We are different from general consulting companies

We have our own sales channels and our own products.

Based on our own test results

Recommending products to the company's own sales channel (trading company function)

Promoting sales of our own products (supporting sales promotion activities)

Such failures and successes at your own company

By gaining experience from the same standpoint as each business operator

From the standpoint of the same producer as the client

​We provide consulting based on our experience


WORLD RESULT wants to sell its products domestically and internationally
It is a company that supports the backyard of ambitious manufacturers.


​ [Career]

Joined a high-end supermarket in Tokyo

China later built a high-end supermarket in Shanghai.

Experienced residency for 5 years.

After returning to Japan, he changed jobs to a consulting company in Tokyo.

Active as a Chinese retail advisor for major manufacturers, etc.

retired due to corona

Conducting regional revitalization activities in Japan for one year based on original ideas

Later launched WORLD RESULT Co., Ltd.

Based on the experience so far, we will support the development of sales channels for local manufacturers.


Currently owns its own products along with its own sales channels

We provide products domestically and internationally.

Representative Director Ryusuke Nishi















WORLD RESULT is a company that supports local food sales

Experience food retail in Japan and Shanghai in China

Responding to valuable customer feedback on-site for about 14 years

We have created a number of hit products.

Including design such as fair planning at stores

Experienced in sales promotion-related work

Acquisition of production-related know-how

Before the restrictions on overseas travel due to Corona

Local Japanese food manufacturers in China

Experienced sales activities for specialty foods as market development

Currently, the two established brands are widely distributed mainly in Shanghai.

Packed with these networks and know-how

WORLD RESULT was launched.

​Would you like to hire a company that has neither recognition nor a track record?

In 2020, when the company was first established, the impact of COVID-19 was significant.

Business did not go well.

So let's offer our strength without thinking about profit. and

As a backyard for local food manufacturers

Commissioned production of product descriptions, videos, websites, etc.

Originally, by reducing the cost at our company

Holds the minimum necessary weapons to fight in the market

As a result, many manufacturers have succeeded in selling their products.

We have accumulated a track record of support.

Currently, I am giving lectures as an expert in [Nagano Prefecture] and [Akita Prefecture].

I would appreciate it if you could give me some business tips for food sales.

It's a good thing, so you have to spend your strength to tell it.

​Our company manufactures and provides tools to convey this.

have confidence in their products

I would love to sell with you! For businesses that

​ Would you like to knock on the door to a new business field with us?


Management office of Association for Utilization of Regional Resources

Address 2-29-5 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

Secretariat: 4-16-4 Nakamachi, Machida-shi, Tokyo (mail address)

TEL/FAX 042-814-7924

Participated in a supermarket trade show for 6 consecutive years

Experts (ex-department stores, major supermarkets, etc., support sales channels

We are looking for companies to join us at our regular meeting on the third Thursday of every month (currently 300 member companies).

Representative: National Supermarket Association member

Chairman: National Supermarket Association Auditor

A non-profit organization specializing in food retail.



[Results for 2019-2020]

・ Appeared on Miyazaki radio broadcast About changes in the Chinese retail market

・Explanation of Chinese electronic money by a lecturer from the Supermarket Association

・Writing a specialized magazine for food commerce, commenting on the changing retail scene in China

・Promoting regional revitalization at the management office of the Regional Resource Utilization Association

・Introducing the ABCs of distribution and retail at two lectures at the Akita Small and Medium Enterprise Management Course

・Exhibited at SMT S2021 Proposing possibilities by demonstrating remote business negotiations in Shanghai

Techniques and wisdom for selling to local companies, including the Chinese food market situation on radio, TV, magazines, etc.

We offer our know-how based on our own experience. ​














Company name: WORLD RESULT Co., Ltd.

1-36-2 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Shinjuku Nanahayama Building 3F


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